About Us » Our Team and Values

Filmar Group staff are all professionals who are distinguished with their long years of experience in this particular industry. They also show an immense willingness for continuous development and strengthening of their professional skills. They finally show commitment to continuously improve the quality of Filmar Group products and customer service level standards.

Perhaps the same as above can be said about employees practically by everyone, therefore we will try to give you an better view of them in this respect.

Filmar Group employs altogether sixty people. For some it might be quite many and for others not too many, yet for us it is just a very well structured optimum. All of our employees work only on permanent contracts in accordance with our vision of labour and social relations and their happy consent. Altogether we work towards a still better approach towards incentive schemes, security of work and professionalism of business operations and finally team cohesion. Our staff is an experienced team of people that share not only merely their working hours in the same place. We also share some common hobbies - canoeing, mountain hiking, rock climbing, cycling, playing football and that is not the end. It is through those commonly shared hobbies that we are able to much easier find common ground in whatever difficult situations. This ability combined with years of experience and acquired professionalism seem to make real the feeling or conviction that at work there is no mission impossible for us. We solve problems together and strive to provide our customers with the best possible service.

It should be emphasized that whether they are big or small we treat our customers as business partners. We are committed to building lasting relationships based on mutual trust and commitment. Therefore, we primarily rely on honesty in dealing with customers, even if it meant our admitting an error or oversight. Frank and open communication – both within and outside the company – is the foundation on which we for years base the successful existence and growth of Filmar Group.

Professionalism – beside mutual trust – is the second pillar of values for the company. Our team consists of individuals who improve their qualifications virtually on a daily basis through participation in professional and personal development trainings.

By enhancing their professional and personal skills our employees can naturally more and more effectively respond to the needs and expectations of our customers.

High quality standards
by which we are known on the market pertain to not only quality customer service but also quality products. Continuous maintenance and improvement of the quality of our solutions would not be possible without the commitment and dedication of our production floor people who are used to performing even the simplest tasks with diligence and attention.