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bubble mailers

FILMAR bubble padded envelopes are made of prime quality non-transparent FSC-certified types of paper and of multi-layer LDPE bubble film that after its separation from the envelope can undergo recycling process. They ensure a safe shipment of products by protecting them from damage and humidity.


foam mailers

PE foam in a perfect manner cushions and protects delicate items from scratching. Thick paper additionally protects against damage. This is an ideal solution, for example, for shipment of lacquered items, books, CDs / DVDs and electronic equipment.


Filbag co-ex
courier envelopes

Filbag co-ex courier envelopes are made of multi-layer LDPE plastic film, resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions. They are produced exclusively from best raw materials. Black/white, opaque film of prime quality provides protection from prying eyes,


Filbag clear transparent foil envelope

Filbag Clear envelopes are made of highly transparent LDPE plastic film, resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions. They are produced exclusively from best raw materials. The permanent self-adhesive closure makes it impossible to open an envelope without damaging it.


list envelopes

Self-adhesive envelopes for waybills, bills of lading or consignment notes are used as packs for documents attached to a parcel. These so-called "pads" are made of transparent PE plastic film that enables easy identification of the recipients for items sent and reading of barcodes with scanners.


security envelopes

The Deposafe Security envelopes are used for secure sending of confidential documents or valuables such as money or jewelry. Made of white or transparent three-layer LDPE plastic film they are equipped with special safeguards guaranteeing the protection of parcels



Cardboard envelopes are designed for shipping of books, documents or photographs that require stiffening support during transportation. They are made of cardboard with a high weight of 230-330 gsm.



Bubble wrap is a product for providing of additional protection for items during shipment. It is characterized by flexibility by adapting to the shape of the protected item.

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