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FILMAR Group is a European leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and sustainable mailing packaging for private companies and public institutions. We offer our clients an opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of deliveries by providing them with innovative and ecological packaging supplies for small and medium-sized shipping needs.

We use recycled plastic and FSC® certified paper in order to provide our clients with the highest quality shipping supplies.

We are striving towards an almost completely waste-free production process, and constantly work on reducing our impact on the environment.

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, more than 90% of FILMAR packaging products are recyclable after use.

Our expertise in
crafting eco envelopes

As an eco-conscious mailers manufacturer, FILMAR Group is committed to lowering the impact of shipping packaging on our planet. Since 2008, we have dedicated ourselves to investing in cutting-edge technologies that enable us to create eco envelopes and recycled mailers using premium recycled plastic and FSC® certified paper. Thanks to our modern park of machines and our solid expertise, we produce each year around 200 million postal and shipment packages using only quality materials, which guarantee our products’ durability and good aesthetics.

At FILMAR, we deeply care about customers’ satisfaction. That is why our shipping materials are not just sustainable: they also are exceptionally reliable and meet the highest standards. We make a point to craft all our recycled mailers to be resistant, lightweight and budget-friendly, all without compromising their ecological nature.

We provide versatile
recycled mailers

To provide our clients with an easy and safe way to pack and ship products, FILMAR offers high-quality shipping materials and recyclable envelopes with different properties. Our range includes our bestsellers Co-Ex Filbags eco mailers, Classic and Extra strong bubble envelopes, foam mailers and recycled bubble wrap to ensure the highest safety and protection for shipments. We also offer security envelopes, which are perfect  for sending off important documents and valuable items, as well as packing list pouches and transparent foil envelopes.

But what especially sets FILMAR’s shipping solutions apart from other eco envelopes is their customizability. To cater to the specific needs of small and medium-sized shipping, our line of recyclable envelopes and materials offers a wide selection of sizes and branding options. Our solutions can also be altered in a more practical way, with the possibility to equip them with resealable straps, additional handles, or gussets.

Why choose us as your
Packaging supplier?

High-quality shipping packaging

High-quality shipping packaging
We use only high-quality raw materials and have implemented quality control checkpoints at each stage of the production process.

Ecological solutions

Ecological solutions
We offer eco-friendly packaging made out of recycled plastic and sustainable paper that can be fully recyclable after use. We also recycle in-house to reduce energy and waste.

Certified production

Certified production
From the production line to post-production and waste management, our paper and recycled plastic packaging undergo certification at every step.

Competitive deliveries

Competitive deliveries
Our high-storage warehouse and modern machine park allow us to process large orders, reducing the costs of small shipments for clients and ensuring deliveries in time.

We are a certified
eco mailers manufacturer

Our commitment to sustainable development is part of a comprehensive approach. On top of crafting recycled envelopes, FILMAR Group also works hard to ensure the sustainable disposal of all its shipping materials, with the aim to close the recycling loop and reach a circular model. With that same ambitious goal in mind, we have implemented in-house recycling and reprocessing of our waste materials, which allows us to achieve an almost completely waste-free production process, with no landfill issues involved. 

Our various environmental initiatives have earned us a number of certifications and labels. Among them, the famous FSC® certificate, which attests to the responsible sourcing of the paper pulp used in our recycled paper envelopes, the Blue Angel label, that is awarded to particularly environmentally friendly products, or the ClimatePartner certificate, which proves our efforts to offset the CO2 emissions of our company. Not only do these certificates and awards serve as tangible proof of FILMAR Group’s capabilities and achievements, but they also provide our clients and business partners with solid assurances regarding the quality of our packaging products and the level of customer service we deliver.

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