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and medical

FILMAR security and medical envelopes are a high-quality packaging solution for sending off important documents and valuable. With their strong seal and resistance against humidity, damage and leaking, these envelopes can also be designed and customized for shipping medical tests and other medical items.

Our security envelopes are equipped with special safeguards which prevent an opening of the envelope without damaging it. A protective adhesive strap is used for tamper proof security, which after mechanical or thermal tampering, leaves visible traces of an undesirable attempt of opening.

Security and medical envelopes are produced only on demand in order to meet the needs of our clients.


For the shipping of important documents or valuable items, e.g:
Confidential documents
Valuable articles
Medical tests
Sealed content Medical items

Technical details

– Special safeguards and high quality protective adhesive strap for tamper proof security.

– High quality co-extruded and multi-layer LDPE plastic film.

– Strong security welds with micro overprint.

– Barcode that enables an easy identification of a parcel.

– Transportation coupons confirming the collection of a parcel.

– Liquid sealed (for medical envelopes).

Colors available

(Black & White, Transparent)

+ Customized print

Main Assets

This product offers large possibilities in terms of parcel and product identification for ensuring safe and confidential delivery.


Optimal protection from humidity, damage and leaking with their high quality LDPE film, strong welds and strong adhesive straps.


Our security and medical items are produced exclusively from best quality LDPE plastic film.


Depending on the item they contained, these envelopes can be in some cases fully recyclable
after use.

Customized solutions
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Custom overprint with flexographic technology.

Why choose

FILMAR Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality packaging supplies for e-commerce, private companies and public institutions.
The company operates on the European market since 2008 and produces each year around 200 million postal and shipment packages using only prime quality raw materials which guarantee the product durability and good aesthetics.

shipping packaging

We use only high-quality raw materials and have implemented quality control checkpoints at each stage of the production process.


We offer eco-friendly packaging made out of recycled plastic and sustainable paper that can be fully recyclable after use. We also recycle in-house to reduce energy and waste.


From the production line to post-production and waste management, both our recycled paper and recycled plastic packaging undergo certification at every step.


Our high-storage warehouse and modern machine park allow us to process large orders, reducing the costs of small shipments for clients and ensuring deliveries in time.