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Extra Strong
Bubble envelopes

Our Extra Strong bubble envelopes are an ideal choice for companies who need even more protection for shipping their items. These shipping mailers are made of prime quality non-transparent coated paper and multi-layer LDPE bubble wrap in order to protect the parcel from damage and humidity.

The envelopes combine LDPE bubble with coated paper of 140 g/m2 of its total weight in order to give additional protection against damage during transport while being lightweight.

FILMAR’s bubble envelopes are equipped with the Trifix closure system (firm closure, opening for clamps and transparent strap). Our Extra Strong padded envelopes are available in two colors and 11 standard sizes.


For the shipping of any small or medium-sized article
that can lay flat, e.g:
Video games

Technical details
– Prime quality Extra Strong Kraft paper with increased fiber resistance.

– Strong adhesive glued strap for effective closure.

– High-quality bubble plastic film for protecting the shipment against mechanical damage.

– Openings for clamps or reseal strap for multiple-closing of envelopes.

– Strong welds on the edges of the envelope for more stiffness and security against deformation.

Additional data:
Kraft paper 140g/m2
Bubble foil, 45-50 g/m2
Colors available
Main Assets

Natural-looking and minamilist packaging.


Extra protection with high-quality bubble plastic film and coated paper with increased fiber resistance.


Only prime quality materials are used: FSC-certified Kraft-type paper and multi-layer LDPE bubble wrap.


FSC-certified paper. After its separation in two parts, the envelope is fully recyclable after use.

Customized solutions
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Packing method

Available in packs or bundles.


Depending on the product: anti-static plastic film, original or recycled plastic film.

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Why choose

FILMAR Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality packaging supplies for e-commerce, private companies and public institutions.
The company operates on the European market since 2008 and produces each year around 200 million postal and shipment packages using only prime quality raw materials which guarantee the product durability and good aesthetics.

shipping packaging

We use only high-quality raw materials and have implemented quality control checkpoints at each stage of the production process.


We offer eco-friendly packaging made out of recycled plastic and sustainable paper that can be fully recyclable after use. We also recycle in-house to reduce energy and waste.


From the production line to post-production and waste management, both our recycled paper and recycled plastic packaging undergo certification at every step.


Our high-storage warehouse and modern machine park allow us to process large orders, reducing the costs of small shipments for clients and ensuring deliveries in time.