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Recycling and reusing our courier packaging

When it comes to recycling packaging, everybody plays its part. Producers, sellers and final consumers. By keeping up with sorting and recycling waste efficiently, we reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill, preserve natural resources, save energy, reduce pollution and keep waste out of the ecosystem. So let’s do it right!

How to recycle our
Bubble Mailers

FILMAR’s Bubble mailers consist of multiple components, typically of bubble roll made of plastic and paper (recycled plastic and FSC® certified paper for classic version). Before throwing them, make sure to remove the two main components into separate materials.

The paper can be recycled with paper waste, while the bubble roll, can be disposed in a plastic recycling container or through a plastics recycling drop-off site. Most of local authorities accept number 4 LDPE plastic in their recycling program.

Recycled LDPE can be used on its own or combined with virgin LDPE material to create new end-products. Recycled LDPE is often used to produce piping, sheeting, films and trash bags for composite lumber, building and agricultural applications and other products. 

Recycled plastic is also used by FILMAR Group in-house to produce new bubble wrap.

How you can reuse
Bubble Roll?

Did you know that you can also reuse bubble roll/wrap in a variety of ways
before throwing it to recycling?

For example, you can reuse it for:

Reusing and recycling our
plastic mailers

FILMAR’s plastic mailers, such as Co-Ex Filbags and Transparent foil envelopes, are made out of minimum 80% recycled materials, but they are also reusable and fully recyclable after use!

Before throwing your plastic mailers away, you can actually give them a second life!  With their multi-layered LDPE plastic film, our Co-Ex Filbags and Transparent foil envelopes are very lightweight, but tear and puncture resistant. In fact, they make an ideal choice after first use for storing delicate items or collecting other plastic waste.

Like the bubble foil in Bubble mailers, the plastic film of those envelopes is number 4 LDPE plastic.
This is also the same type of plastic used for FILMAR’s security and medical envelopes. This type of plastic can disposed in plastic recycling containers or at plastic recycling drop-off locations.

Before recycling, make sure that your plastic envelopes do not contain any other waste than similar plastic waste and that they are clean and dry, otherwise, they could contaminate the whole batch.

Recycled LDPE film is used to create a variety of plastic items, such as:

Our shipping packaging solutions

Classic bubble mailers

Bubble wrap

Co-Ex Filbags

Transparent foil envelopes

Security and medical envelopes

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