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Transparent foil

Filbag Clear foil envelopes are a great option for the mailing of catalogues, brochures, and other printed promotional materials. They are made of highly transparent, resistant LDPE plastic film, which protects the content from moisture and dust.

A permanent self-adhesive closure makes it impossible to open the parcel without damaging it.

Our transparent foil envelopes are made from prime quality recycled materials and are fully recyclable after use. We also offer special overprint up to ten colors in flexographic technology and can design envelopes according to client’s needs.

Filbag Clear mailers are available in 4 standard sizes.


For sending off printed promotional materials, e.g:

Clothing articles or any item which need protection from dust, while offering the possibility for the product to be visible at first glance.

Technical details

– High quality adhesive strap easy to peel off.

– Permanent, self-adhesive closing that prevents the envelope from being opened without damaging it.

– Transparent, multi-layer, prime quality LDPE film, resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions.

– Strong welds on the edge of the envelope.

Colors available


+ Customized print

Main Assets

Simple, transparent. Can be designed and overprinted according to client’s needs and branding.  


Optimal protection from damage, moisture, dust, and accidental opening.


Our transparent envelopes are made from prime quality and multi-layer 80% recycled LDPE plastic film.


Made from 80% recycled film. Fully recyclable after use.

Customized solutions
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Additional handle for the easy delivery and collection of the parcel.


Custom thickness up to 100 my.


Perforations for an easier opening of the parcel.

Bottom gusset

Bottom gusset for packing larger items.

Transparent pocket

A transparent pouch for attaching documents.


Side-weld or skirt-weld.


Barcode printing and individual numbering.

Transparent envelopes

Filbag Clear foil envelopes are perfect for mailing catalogs, brochures, flyers and other printed promotional materials, as well as any clothing items or items that require protection from dust but should be immediately recognizable upon delivery.

What are transparent plastic envelopes made of?

Translucent envelopes are made of highly transparent, durable LDPE foil, which is resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions and protects the contents against moisture and dust. The permanent, self-adhesive closure makes it impossible to open the package without damaging it.

FILMAR’s Clear envelopes are optionally available with the Blue Angel certificate, i.e. an ecological label awarded to products and services that are particularly environmentally friendly.

Our clear plastic envelopes are made of the highest quality recycled materials and are 100% recyclable after use. As a shipping packaging manufacturer, we also offer transparent envelopes with prints in 9 colors using the flexographic technology. Our clients can also design clear mailing envelopes according to customer needs.

What sizes are FILMAR transparent envelopes available in?

Filbag Clear envelopes are available in 4 standard sizes:

Transparent courier envelope 175×255+50 mm

Transparent courier envelope 225×325+50 mm

Transparent courier envelope 240×350+50 mm

Transparent courier envelope 325×425+50 mm

What custom options does FILMAR offer as a clear mailing envelopes manufacturer?

As a manufacturer of clear envelopes for mailing with print, we offer many options for personalizing envelopes. Our transparent envelopes are also available in non-standard sizes. Also, and as the convenience of delivering and collecting the parcel is an important issue, an additional handle can be added to clear plastic envelopes.

The thickness of the envelope (up to 100 my), perforations that facilitate opening the package, as well as, depending on the product, a double or single adhesive strip with the option of reclosing are also subject to personalization. For larger items, a fold at the bottom of the transparent envelope is a great solution, while a transparent pocket will work for attaching documents.

A strong seal can also be added on the side or at the bottom of a transparent envelope. It is also possible to place ventilation holes on clear envelopes. Among the options available on request, FILMAR also offers barcode imprint and individual numbering.

Key benefits of clear packing list envelopes

Transparent envelopes are simple and made of prime quality recycled materials. They can be designed and printed according to customer needs. They provide optimal protection against damage, moisture, dust and accidental opening. They are made of the highest quality 80% recycled LDPE multilayer film and are fully recyclable after use.
If you are looking for an envelope designed primarily for sending catalogs, brochures and other printed promotional materials, Filbag Clear foil envelopes are a great choice for you!

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FILMAR Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality packaging supplies for e-commerce, private companies and public institutions.
The company operates on the European market since 2008 and produces each year around 200 million postal and shipment packages using only prime quality raw materials which guarantee the product durability and good aesthetics.

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We use only high-quality raw materials and have implemented quality control checkpoints at each stage of the production process.


We offer eco-friendly packaging made out of recycled plastic and sustainable paper that can be fully recyclable after use. We also recycle in-house to reduce energy and waste.


From the production line to post-production and waste management, both our recycled paper and recycled plastic packaging undergo certification at every step.


Our high-storage warehouse and modern machine park allow us to process large orders, reducing the costs of small shipments for clients and ensuring deliveries in time.