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How to choose the right shipping packaging?

9 out of 10 companies declare that shipping packaging is high on their agenda. And with the strong growth of e-commerce, there is no surprise here. Nowadays, almost everything can be bought online: from food to electronics, cosmetics, clothing, books and video games (for mentioning just a few). In this context, companies look for high-quality, multipurpose, and lightweight packaging. Do all packaging supplies meet those needs? Let’s find out!

Things to consider before choosing
a shipping packaging

Shipping packaging is much more than a simple matter of aesthetics and taste. Packaging’s first role is to protect your items and to sustain damages during handling, logistics and transport. But mailing packaging should also spread your brand’s image and values: in fact, the packaging is the first thing clients see before opening the parcel.

Let us not forget either about the fact that consumers are becoming more mindful about the environmental impact of product packaging!

What are consumers looking for in shipping packaging?*

Recyclable packaging



Less packaging



From recycled materials



* Report: GlobalWebIndex “Sustainable packaging unwrapped”, 2019

Thus, your choice for a packaging solution should not be driven only by logistics needs,
but also by your customers preferences and the image you want to give as a company.

Below, you will find a list of questions to ask yourself before looking for a concrete shipping packaging option:

1. What are the size and weight of the items I want to send?

2. Will my parcel be exposed to multiple handling during logistics and shipping?

3. Do I need my brand to be recognizable on the mailing packaging?

4. Do I need to print other information such as barcode, product identification and recipient’s data on the packaging?

5. Do my consumers value eco-friendly packaging solutions?

6. Is my company striving to reduce the environmental impact of its activities?

7. Does my packaging need to be resealable for easy return by post or courier?

Cardboard boxes
VS Shipping mailers

There are many packaging solutions to choose from on the market for business shipping needs. But one of the biggest dilemmas for e-commerce companies is: boxes vs mailers. Both have their strengths and limitations depending on their use.

Corrugated boxes

  • Standard format customers are used to see
  • Can be cut down to create boxes of differing heights
  • Can carry multiple products at once
  • Can be reused (if still in good shape)
  • Can carry heavy and oddly-shaped items
  • Not ecological if not FSC-certified
  • Weighs more than plastic
  • Can be damaged during transport (smashed or wet)
  • Requires more energy to produce (3 times more than a plastic mailer)
  • Take more space in a warehouse
  • Due to volume more transportation (Co2) needed

Shipping mailers

  • Can be made out of high-quality recycled plastic and/or recycled paper
  • Are lightweight and thin, but highly resistant to damage and weather conditions
  • Can be reusable and recyclable
  • Can be 100% customizable with bright colors and personalized overprints
  • Can be bubble wrapped or foamed for additional protection
  • Take less space during transport
  • Different thickness and closure options
  • For small or medium-sized items
  • Items cannot be too heavy or too oddly-shaped

If you are shipping small to medium-sized items,
shipping mailers are indeed a good choice for companies
willing to invest in eco-friendly, economic
and custom printed packaging solutions.

Sustainable packaging unwrapped – Report GlobalWebIndex (2019)

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