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Our values

FILMAR Group values all clients, big or small.

Since 2008, FILMAR Group has worked with over 700 clients in different sectors like: e-commerce, retail, shipping services, medicine, fashion, industry.
We treat all our clients equally as business partners and we care to build with them lasting relationships based on mutual trust and commitment. 

People are our
Greatest asset

FILMAR Group’s greatest asset is its people. Our team is composed of professionals with a long experience in the European packaging industry. They also share the same values for continuous development and innovation in terms of product offer and customer service.

Together, we strive to provide our clients
with the highest quality shipping supplies
and the newest ecological solutions for recycled packaging.

FILMAR Group employs around 80 people. All are employed on permanent contracts according to local regulations and as part of our recruiting policy.
Frank and open communication – both with our staff members and our clients – is the foundation on which we successfully  grew our company.

Together, we can close
The recycling loop

FILMAR Group’s main mission is to help clients reduce the environmental impact of their shipping packaging. Thanks to its modern machine park and solid expertise, the company is able to provide clients with high-quality shipping supplies made from recycled plastic, sustainable or recycled paper.

Most of our products are also recyclable after use.

Also, the company has implemented in-house recycling and reprocessing of its waste materials with the aim to reach an almost completely waste-free production process, with no landfill issues involved.

When buying our products, you not only save the natural resources and the energy that would be required to produce plastic or paper from scratch, but also help to reduce the excess plastic or paper packaging from damaging the environment.

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