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Certificates and awards

FILMAR Group’s production and management systems have been certified and comply with international standards.
We have also been acknowledged as a financially reliable, stable and responsible company.

Certificates and awards are much more than a tangible confirmation of FILMAR Group’s proven capabilities and achievements. For our clients and business partners, they are also concrete guarantees of the quality of our packaging products and level of customer service.

In the field of environmental protection, and as a result of our company’s efforts to reduce the environmental burden of our activities by reducing waste, recycling in-house and developing more sustainable production processes, FILMAR Group obtained  ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications.

All certificates have been awarded by independent organizations,
which are experts in their field.


FSC® Certificate

The Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC®) is an independent and internationally recognized non-governmental organization that certifies well-managed and sustainable forest operations. The FSC® label thus guarantees that paper, cardboard and pulp have been harvested in a responsible manner.

ISO 9001
and ISO 14001

The certification according to the ISO 9001 quality management standard ensures our stakeholders that our company meets any relevant legal and customer-focused requirements. This certificate indicates compliance with international standards of quality management. ISO 14001 is a set of standards put forward by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Its purpose is to clarify the best practices for organizations that wish to reduce their environmental footprint by adopting an effective environmental management system (EMS).

Blue Angel Certificate

The Blue Angel is an environmental label that has been awarded to particularly environmentally friendly products and services since 1978.
The entire life cycle of the product is taken into account and any impacts on the environment and health are fully considered during the development of the criteria. 

CWB Certificate

The certificate is awarded after an evaluation of the reliability and stability of the company by the analysts of a certifying company. It is issued on the basis of an analysis of payment morality according to the International Payment Monitor, an analysis of financial ratios from the latest available financial statements and finally on the basis of Poland’s largest relational database on corporate and personal ties.

Certificate Partner in climate action

Our company has been working closely with ClimatePartner, a consulting agency specializing in carbon footprints and climate action strategies. Together, we have been working on reducing the carbon footprint of our activities and offering new ecological packaging solutions to our customers. As a customer of ClimatePartner, FILMAR Group Sp. z.o.o is actively engaged in climate protection with the following activities: calculation of a Corporate Carbon Footprint, implementation of a climate protection and
reduction strategy, calculation of the carbon footprint of packaging products, upon customer request: offering carbon neutral packaging products, offsetting the CO2 emissions of the company (products not included).

PRS Green Label

The PRS Green Label is a certificate that is awarded to companies of the European polymer industry who actively work to protect the environment and participate in a circular system of controlled reuse and shared use of CP-type pallets, which has been managed by PRS for over 20 years.


Business Cheetahs

Filmar Group Sp. z o.o. was distinguished by the Institute of European Business in the 10th edition of the Cheetahs of Business 2015 award ceremony for its dynamic development and growth of its market value as measured on the basis of financial data available from the National Court Register (KRS).

Most dynamic company

Among the awarded companies are ones that offer innovative products and services, as well as those that invest in their development and modernization. The list embraces companies from various industries and with various levels of sales revenues.


FILBAG trademark registration


FILMAR trademark registration