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How to pack books and electronics for safe shipping?

The book and electronic industries have seen significant changes as a result of the growth of e-commerce, with an important amount of revenue coming now from online sales. In this context, packing and shipping became important aspects of business logistics. Moreover, packaging is often the only point of physical contact with customers. With the ever-rising cost of operations and the urge to switch to more sustainable practices, companies must now find shipping packaging solutions which are both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Discover how to combine these two in this article…

E-commerce of books and electronics, what to be aware of?

The COVID pandemic has shifted the market of books and electronics online, and it’s important for companies to stay competitive and answer customer needs.

Finding the cheapest ways to ship books and electronics with the growing market

In 2023 alone, the global print book industry has generated an astonishing $64.35 billion in revenue, with a significant part portion coming from online sales. Online channels have contributed to 25% of the overall revenue, or approximately $16.1 billion. The rise in online book purchasing can be attributed to the rapid growth of e-commerce that provides customers with a hassle-free experience.

Moreover, the pandemic has played an important role in accelerating the shift to online shopping, as more and more people have grown used to the comforts of shopping from their homes. New competitors have also entered the market, with giants like Amazon, eBay, Allegro or Alibaba group, now selling books and electronics in large quantities. Experts forecast the e-commerce market growth will not slow down in the upcoming years.

According to a report by ReportLinker, the electronics goods market has experienced an even more impressive development trajectory, with revenue reaching $539.46 billion in 2022. The business is anticipated to expand even further and surpass $614 billion in 2023.

Retailers must keep up with the pace to maintain their place on the market, given these two industries’ rapid expansion. To keep up with the rising demand, they must develop ways to improve their supply chain and operations. To maintain current customers and attract new ones, businesses must also concentrate on improving the customer experience by making sure every detail, including shipping, is perfect.

Packaging for mailing books/electronics safely

As Salecycle estimates, the average return rate of e-commerce products is 20% and closer to 30% during holiday period, while it is much lower for brick-and-mortar stores, that report an average of ~10% returns.

Research indicates that electronics are among the top three most returned goods. Although there may be a number of reasons for a return, up to 80% of those surveyed put “damaged product” in their top 3 reasons, according to a 2020 study from Salecycle.

Businesses can reduce the risk of product damage and lower the number of returns they receive by paying special attention to the shipping packaging they use. Your products must be protected from mechanical damage and weather conditions throughout the whole transit. 

In the long term, damage in transit can actually cost your business more than you’d expect. In addition to the cost of replacing the product and returning the shipment, damaged products can make you lose sales, customers and usually comes with additional administrative and logistics costs.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, it is crucial to pay attention to the quality of the shipping packaging solution your business uses. Low quality packaging can adversely affect your image and reputation as a reliable business.

Customers value eco-friendly mailing envelopes

The amount of electronic and electrical equipment waste produced in Europe each year, as well as the impact shipping has on the environment, have grown to be major concerns that call for collective response.

Eco-friendly shipping options affect purchase decision

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has reported that Europe alone generates more than 10 million tonnes of electronic and electrical equipment waste annually. These are alarming numbers, especially if you also consider how shipping itself affects the environment. In fact, 37% of the global greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to shipping and return of goods, according to Statista. These concerning data show how urgently coordinated measures that reduce the impact of waste and shipping on the environment have to be taken.

As consumers become more environmentally conscious, there is a growing trend towards eco-friendly purchasing decisions. A study conducted by Sendcloud found that more than half (52%) of European consumers actively seek to purchase from online stores that take active measures to lower the environmental impact of their delivery practices. This demonstrates that businesses which prioritize sustainable practices in their operations are likely to attract more customers who share the same values.

Recycled mailing envelopes are in high-demand among customers

Trivium Packaging conducted a survey around consumers’ behavior towards sustainable packaging, which shows that:

  • 67% of consumers find it important that the products they buy are in recyclable packaging;
  • 57% of consumers are less likely to buy products in packaging that is harmful to the environment;
  • 73% of consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly packaging.

To stay competitive on the market, businesses should meet consumers’ needs and switch to more sustainable shipping solutions – ideally, ones that are both eco-friendly and able to protect goods during handling and shipment.

Eco-friendly shipping envelopes must be certified

At FILMAR, we have invested in modern technologies to develop high-quality shipping packaging solutions that are not only recyclable, but also made from recycled materials (plastic or paper) – all without negatively affecting their protective properties and durability. 

When choosing a shipping solution, businesses should also pay extra attention to labels and certifications issued by independent organizations. This is especially true for virgin paper and cardboard packaging, which always requires the cutting down of trees, leading to deforestation. 

The FSC® certification is the only ecolabel that guarantees that paper, cardboard and pulp used were harvested in a sustainable manner. It is issued by The Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC®), an independent and internationally recognized non-profit organization, that certifies well-managed, sustainable forest operations.
To reduce the negative effects paper packaging has on our forests, FILMAR offers two products made of FSC-certified paper: Classic Bubble Envelopes and Extra Strong Bubble Envelopes. 100% of the paper fiber we use to produce Classic Bubble envelopes comes from recycling. Additionally, both products are fully recyclable after use, ensuring that all shipping materials we use stay in the loop.

Choosing mailing envelopes over boxes help reduce costs

According to PwC’s June 2021 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey, 54% of consumers prefer products with eco-friendly packaging or little packaging. This shows that customers are growing more aware and concerned about the strain over-packing puts on the environment.

Avoid over-packing with perfectly fitted shipping mailers

When shipping goods packed in boxes, companies usually have to resort to using additional fillers like shredded cardboard, air pillows or even partition dividers.

Void fillers protect goods against damage during handling and transport, as they help items stay in place despite the constant vibrations of road and air travel. 

It is a misconception to think that fillers are only needed when shipping fragile goods. As already discussed, the percentage of  returns caused byproduct damage is relatively high in e-commerce. Seeing as cardboard boxes are only available in a limited range of options adequate for small and medium-sized items, fillers almost always become necessary.

Resorting to fillers not only adds to your business’ carbon footprint, but also increases your overall shipping costs. This is why at FILMAR we encourage companies to opt for mailers that match the size of their products.

FILMAR offers bubble envelopes and f in a variety of sizes, ranging from 120x175mm to 370x480mm. They come in 11 standard sizes, and non-standard sizes are available upon request.

Shipping mailers help companies reduce costs of shipping and storing

Bubble mailers can be a smart choice for e-commerce companies looking to save money on shipping. Mailers are the perfect alternative to boxes, and with their lightweight design and flat shape, they will likely allow your business to cut transport expenses. 

Another factor that can significantly affect shipping costs is the so-called ‘dimensional weight’ of the package, a pricing technique used by courier and postal services to calculate the shipment’s cost. If you are shipping a light item packed in a big box, you will likely be charged more than if it was packed in a mailer, because a bigger box takes up more space in the delivery truck. This is why it is in your best interest to keep your package as little as possible and to use well-fitting packaging solutions, such as bubble or foam mailers.

Mailers will not only reduce your shipping costs, but also help you free up storage space. Mailers are more compact than corrugated boxes, allowing for the storage and organization of more products in a smaller space.

Additionally, you can save money with mailers when preparing orders. Unlike boxes, envelopes don’t need to be assembled, and most of the time no fillers are needed, so more orders can be processed in less time and with fewer personnel and equipment.

All of these factors make shipping mailers an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional corrugated boxes – perfect for all e-commerce companies looking to reduce shipping costs and increase efficiency!

Reinforce your brand identity with shipping mailers

The utility of e-commerce packaging does not have to be limited to containing and protecting goods. It is also an affordable way to spread brand awareness among new customers.

Custom bubble mailers with logo will leave a lasting impression on your customers

Studies show that 70% of consumers form their impression of a brand solely based on its packaging. Moreover,  an astounding 55% of online shoppers have admitted they are more willing to buy again from a specific online store if their first purchase arrived in a customized packaging.

FILMAR shipping mailers offer a variety of personalization options to tailor to your items and business! 

There are a lot of reasons why customized shipping packaging is a great, low cost way to build your brand identity:  

  • Brand Awareness: by showcasing your brand’s logo, colors, and other elements of your visual identity on your shipping packaging, you increase your brand recognition which leads to reinforcing brand awareness and fostering customer loyalty. To put it simply, thanks to customized packaging, clients will be that much more likely to remember your company! 
  • Professionalism: with customized packaging that fits your items and conveys your brand’s identity, you show the customer a polished and professional image of your brand, and leave them confident that you are committed to making sure everything is on point – including the shipping packaging.
  • Standing out: brands can differentiate themselves from competitors in a crowded market by using customized packaging. This can be accomplished by using distinctive packaging designs that express the brand’s character, principles, or mission.

And if you decide to go for eco-friendly shipping packaging because it aligns with your values, you will also send a message! Your customers will know that you truly care  about the impact your business has on the environment.

Bubble wrap envelopes are durable solutions for shipping books and electronics

One of the main advantages of bubble package envelopes are their good aesthetics – the packaging looks natural, with many printing options available. They are also durable, with extra protection coming from high-quality multi-layer LDPE bubble wrap that protects the parcel from mechanical damage and humidity. Our envelopes were also equipped with strong welds on the edges for additional stiffness.

After use, the plastic wrap of our bubble envelopes can be separated from the paper part of the envelope. After its separation from the envelope, the plastic part can be recycled. The paper is made of 100% recycled paper fiber and our high-quality bubble plastic film – min. 40%. The paper can be recycled with paper waste, while smaller bubble envelopes can be disposed of in a plastic recycling container or in a plastics recycling drop-off site. 

In addition to being an eco-friendly shipping packaging solution for companies, FILMAR padded envelopes guarantee secure shipment of your products. FILMAR bubble envelopes are fitted with a strong adhesive glued strap for effective closure. The Trifix closure system (firm closure, opening for clamps and transparent strap) allows for  re-opening and closing of the envelope. Bubble package envelopes are also equipped with openings for clamps or reseal strap for multiple-closing of bubble envelopes, which can be useful for purchase return. 

Another popular packaging solution for shipping books and electronics are Foam Envelopes. Our foam envelopes are a great alternative to bubble envelopes, as they can protect even the most delicate items during shipping. They are also available in 11 different sizes with anti-static film, and original or recycled plastic foam. 

FILMAR bubble paper envelopes and foam mailers provide the optimal shipping solution for books and electronics. These mailers offer enhanced protection for delicate items, in addition to being lightweight and perfectly matching the size of your products, which helps reduce handling and delivery costs. FILMAR mailers are available with different customizing options, allowing companies to express their brand identity and improve client experience.

Additionally, our recycled, FSC-certified envelopes help companies reduce the environmental impact of their packaging while meeting customer expectations for more sustainable consumption practices.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, customized, and sustainable solution for shipping books and electronics, check our offer of high-quality shipping mailers now: